Aroy-D showcases an extensive line of the most popular Asian food and is available at most Asian and mainstream supermarkets. The brand provides consumers with an authentic taste at a great value.
Our flagship product, Aroy-D Coconut Milk is the most popular coconut milk in Canada and can be used for making your favorite Thai entrees, desserts, and drinks. Aroy-D also features Thai Sweet Chili and is a household favorite that combines a sweet and spicy flavor. It can be used as a basting and dipping sauce.

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Can Attap
Can Baby Corn Cut
Can Baby Corn Cut
Can Baby Corn Whole
Can Bamboo Slice
Can Bamboo Slice 3050ml
Can Bamboo Strip
Can Bamboo Strips 3050ml
Can Bamboo Tip
Can Bamboo Whole(Half)
Can Banana Blossom
Can Coconut Cream (white) 525ml
Can Coconut Milk (green) 2900ml
Can Coconut Milk (green) 400ml
Can Coconut Milk 165ml
Can Coconut Milk For Cooking 400ml
Can Coconut Milk For Desserts
Can Coconut Milk Lite 400ml
Can Coconut Milk Organic 400ml
Can Green Curry Ready to Eat
Can Jackfruit in Syrup
Can Longan in Syrup
Can Lychee in Syrup
Can Mango Slices